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Startup Teams should accumulate as much intelligence as possible to shorten the learning curve and minimize potentially costly mistakes. This partnership is one of several methods for “connecting the dots.”

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Your curriculum should include college courses, audio and visual courses, books, magazines, pamphlets, and flyers. Even family, friends, VIP and perfect strangers such as coaches, mentors, peers and potential stakeholders are part of the equation.

Every individual on the planet has a different perspective about how to do things. Review and select what works the best for you. Participate in a myriad of relationships so that opportunities may further your personal and professional development.

Attention Startup Teams, most of the material will be presented at no charge at Mighty Micro Multinational as time progresses.

To accelerate your timeline and establish a mentor partnership with Miguel, click on the first link above to continue.

One such relationship is called a mentoring partnership. Miguel is a serial entrepreneur. Over the years and through the madness, he has accumulated a vast amount of startup knowledge and global entrepreneurial prowess fortified by many years of formal training.

Warning: Many of his suggestions are unconventional and “off the beaten path.”

Proceed at your own risk.

His global business perspective is unique. Not many other entrepreneurs or startups possess his credentials. Regrettably, most of these so-called experts and unknown colleges charge exorbitant fees for training that could tumble you off the traditional path.

Caveat, if you are one of the fortunate few that gets accepted into a top notch institution like the University of Hong Kong, Stanford or UCSD, go for it!”

Many business consultants, coaches and mentors present suggestions that are academic. They are not significant or serve any practical relevance to your business model and unique proposition.

Miguel has not yet reached his destiny. Along the toughest and hardly-used path, he has developed an intense desire to “pass it on” after seeing the disastrous results taught by so-called experts. Therefore, until he makes it happen, he has decided to “give it all away” in the realm of abundance (Dr. Peter Diamandis). With fervent desire, it is his hope that aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world, especially disparate corners, find this website.

“Take a crack” at a better lifestyle. Pass it on!

It could be a lemonade stand in a village or mission to mars, he wants to contribute whenever he can to help those endeavors. With great joy, Miguel is setting up different methods for obtaining this information for FREE, or close to zero cost. In this context, part of his success will be realized when aspiring entrepreneurs become successful, with or without his help.

Miguel is carefully evaluating and selecting mentor partnerships comprised of Startup Teams. Conduct your own research before contacting us. Take the initiative. Complete the prerequisites to the best of your ability.

As long as you are here, take a peek at our FREE Startup Application Course. Forget about launching your own startup. Join one of our Startup Teams as a daring leader or passionate follower.

Launch a Startup with Miguel:

  1. Startup Global Warrior (Meetups). Reasonable contributions at each event.
  2. Mighty Micro-Multinational (How to Become a Billionaire). FREE.
  3. Mentor Partnerships for Startup Teams. Reasonable group rate.

If you can’t afford to attend a Meetup or travel to a Meetup, free home-study courses are available at Mighty Micro-Multinational with active forums. The website is always a “work in progress” as the curriculum develops. Scroll down.

Mentor Partnerships for Startup Teams are available at a reasonable group rate, especially when broken down between four or more team members. The more the merrier (up to twenty, but for a Startup Team, keep it between 4 – 8). The meetings are held in Hong Kong, San Diego and Palo Alto. Scroll up.

Hong Kong

San Diego, California

Palo Alto, California

Paris, Paris (coming soon)

Prague, Czech Republic (soming soon)

Melbourne, Australia (coming soon)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (coming soon)

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