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Entrepreneurial DNA

(permission pending by Mr. Joe Abraham)

For centuries entrepreneurs have been placed in one box. In fact, the common mindset has been, “If it worked for one entrepreneur, it will work for every entrepreneur. After all, entrepreneurs are all the same.”

But, are all entrepreneurs really the same? Sure, we can intuitively deduce that not everyone is a “Richard Branson” or a “Donald Trump”, and not everyone innovates like the late Steve Jobs, but is there more to it than meets the eye?

Entrepreneurial DNA proves there are massive implications to how each individual is wired as an entrepreneur. It shatters the archaic notion that one-size-fits-all and allows each reader to discover their unique DNA. The book then delivers strategy across critical areas of business – customized to your DNA:

  • Finding, vetting and leading people who compliment your strengths and weaknesses
  • Where people with your DNA source their capital the easiest
  • The dramatic difference between the marketing plans for each DNA (and how frustrating it can be when implementing the wrong one)
  • Which business models will work for you – and which ones won’t

Other topics customized to your DNA include insight on:

  • Networking and alliances
  • Vendor selection
  • Leadership development
  • Exit strategy

In a marketplace full of books and gurus promoting one-size-fits-all nonsense, Entrepreneurial DNA gives you strategy and insight that will work specifically for you.

“This powerful, practical book gives you proven techniques to help you maximize your personal and business potential and make more money than ever before.”

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Entrepreneurial DNA, by Joe Abraham

Entrepreneurial DNA
Entrepreneurial DNA


A course designed especially for you.